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Day 4 - Multiplication Strategies Review

Students will review all three multiplication strategies introduced throughout the week.
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Students will be able to...

  • identify that mutliplication strategies include equal groups, repeated addition, and arrays and apply the strategies to given problems.
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1 Anticipatory Set/Hook

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Free, Paid
  • Begin by reviewing the three multiplication strategies learned in the previous lessons (repeated addition, arrays, equal groups).  Explain that today's activity is creating a ThingLink to demonstrate their understanding of the three strategies.  The previously used teacher-created Popplet may also be accessed throughout the lesson to support students.
  • The teacher will introduce ThingLink to the class by showing the teacher-created project.  Students will get to investigate the teacher's example on their iPads using the ThingLink app.

2 Procedures

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Free, Paid
  • Direct Instruction & Guided Practice:
    • Begin by showing students how to access the ThingLink app and how to get started creating their own.  
  • Independent Practice:
    • Students will create their own ThingLink using the app and their iPad.  Students may consult with their peers to improve their ThingLink before submission to the teacher.

3 Closure

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  • Students will take turns presenting their ThingLink to the class.  As an extension to this activity, teachers could set up a Skype activity with a fellow class where students are presenting to second graders at another school.  Those students could access the ThingLink and interact with the presentation.