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Day 3 - Arrays

Students will learn how to use arrays to solve basic multiplication problems.
Nicole B.
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Students will be able to...

  • identify that multiplication problems can be represented by arrays made up of rows and columns.
  • create and use arrays to solve multiplication problems.
Grades 2
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1 Anticipatory Set/Hook

  • Begin by reviewing the two previously taught multiplication strategies of repeated addition and equal groups.  Present problems to the students and allow them to access the DrawingPad app to work out the problems using either strategy.
  • Explain that today we will be looking into another strategy of using arrays to solve multiplication problems.
  • Access the teacher-created HaikuDeck and project to the class on the SmartBoard.  This will introduce vocabulary and begin to explain arrays to students and where they can find arrays in real life.

2 Procedures

  • Direct Instruction:
  • Guided & Independent Practice:
    • Students will work with the teacher and independently to complete the workbook page associated with the lesson.  Struggling students will be pulled to small group to work with the teacher.  Informal assessment will occur throughout the lesson to determine the need for remediation.

3 Closure

  • Assessment:
    • Students will participate in a whole class teacher-created Plickers assessment using their response cards to demonstrate their understanding of the use of arrays for multiplication.