Lesson Plan

Day 2 - Repeated Addition

Students will learn how to use repeated addition as a strategy for solving multiplication.
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Students will be able to...

  • identify that multiplication is made up of equal groups.
  • create and use repeated addition number models to solve multiplication problems.
Grades 2
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1 Anticipatory Set

  • Begin by reviewing the previous day's strategy of equal groups as a way to solve multiplication.
  • Present a problem to students and allow them to work out the problem with a partner using equal groups.  Students may use their iPads and the drawing app that was used yesterday to work out the problem.  Share these results with the class.
  • Explain to students that today we will be looking at a new strategy for multiplication.

2 Procedures

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  • Direct Instruction & Guided Practice:
    • Begin by using the teacher-created NearPod to introduce the concept of repeated addition to the students.  Working through all of the questions together as a class while having the presentation projected on the SmartBoard.
  • Application:
    • The students will work together with a partner to complete the workbook page associated with today's lesson.  The students will continue to utilize the Drawing Pad App to help them solve the multiplication problems.  

    • As students finish, they will independently access the NearPod presentation from the beginning of the lesson and practice solving and explaining their answers using the app.  This will allow them even more practice of solving multiplication problems using repeated addition.  The students will select the app from the home screen and follow the instructions to get started.

3 Closure

  • Assessment
    • Present a teacher-created Tellagami to the class and explain that they will get to create their own Tellagami teaching someone how to use repeated addition to solve multiplication problems.
    • Walk the students through the steps of creating a Tellagami and then allow them time to create their own.  Students will be informally assessed on their ability to explain the process of repeated addition.