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Dancing Beatbots

Understanding Message Driven Programming via Tynker.com
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Students will be able to...

  • program actors to do different animations based on the messages they receive
  • understand conditional statements and branching logic
English Language Arts
Grades 5
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1 Introduction Video

Stop the video throughout to ensure understanding of what a conditional statement is. 


  1. Pause when it talks about washing the car and ask what will happen if the car isn't washed.  
  2. What is this similar to?
Student Instructions

2. Hopefully students will be able to make the connection to cause and effect/ if-then/ consequences, etc.

2 Mini-Lesson

Video take aways- 


Vocabulary focus:

Message Driven Programming




Start Introduction (concepts)

Student Instructions

Explain in their own words what the video means to them focusing on if-then-else (conditional statements)


Define the vocabulary

Formative Assessment via conversation

Individually watch the Intro video of the concepts that will be used to code the Beatbot to send and receive messages in order to dance.

3 Complete Introduction and Code your Beatbot following the tutorial

Once you have completed the Intro video, be sure that students understand the concepts taught:

-learn how to make one actor have different animations


Then Independently they will follow the tutorial and understand both sides of the messaging equation in order to send and receive instructions/commands. 


Student Instructions

Post video conversation to understand concepts.


Independent work to code the Beatbot.

4 Assessment Quiz

The last step of the lesson is the quiz generated by Tynker. 

Student Instructions

Complete the quiz once you have programed your Beatbot.