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Daisy teaches you to follow directions

Students improve language development, executive functioning, and early math skills through coding!
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In this lesson, yound children will learn the basics of coding while developing important expressive and receptive anaguage and math skills. Students will be able to provide directions to one another and translate this into early coding language. Young children struggle frequently to pass their Kindergrten assessment in the area of directional language such as: in between, up, down, behind, backwards, forwards left and right. Early coding activities help students to work together to problem-solve and increase their receptive and expressive language. In addition, early counting math concepts are introduced.

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1 Hook

Project Daisy the Dinosaur App and show students a sample challenge lesson where we ask Daisy to follow a set of instructions. Provide students leadership opportunities by coming up to give Daisy a direction. Keep this short because we will come back to Daisy! Next students will practice giving one another instructions.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

Time to teach studens important an vocabulary lesson!

Explore directional vocabulary together by physically demonstrating what each word means and draw a symbol to represent the word:

• Up  ^

• Down (draw down facing arrow)

• Between •|•

• Turn o

• Left <

• Right >

• Backwards <------

• Forwards ------>



3 Guided Practice

Activity: Drawing

Provide students with colored post-it notes to represent different directions (if they are unable to draw the symbols).

Have each student create 3 different directions in groups.

Have students practice giving one another directions to follow in their groups.Suggest to students that one of them be Daisy while the other students give directions.

4 Independent Practice

Have students work solo or in small groups on their iPads in Daisy The Dinosaur giving her directions and going through several levels.

5 Wrap-Up

Have students come up and present to the class giving directions to one another with thier post-it notes or show their Daisy exercise that they created. Make videos of students giving each other directions and playback for the class. Have students transition to the next activity in class by providing simple Daisyesque instructions.