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Cycles and Patterns in Nature

The students will explore patterns in nature and demonstrate their level of understanding of the earth-sun-moon relationship.
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My Grades 4, 5, 6
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The students will:  name and describe 5 patterns found in nature.  name and describe patterns that reoccur in nature.  design a poster for 1 of the recurring cycles of nature that explains how the cycle works in detail.  develop a model, PowerPoint, PhotoStory2, design a book, or compose a poem that demonstrates the relationship of the earth-sun-moon, and seasons patterns.

Grades 5 – 6
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Activity: Reading

Read the children’s book, “Bees, Snails, and Peacock tails”, by Betsy Franco. This book is loaded with beautiful pictures of patterns seen in nature. The teacher will ask the question, “what is a pattern”? Students answer. Teacher asks, “What types of patterns do you know about”? Students respond. Teacher ask, “What words can you thin of that describe a pattern”? Possible list of words that describe the word pattern. Repeated Sequence Reoccurring The teacher reads the book.

Student Instructions

Students are asked to sit and listen to the story while taking notes.


Walk the campus looking for patterns in nature. If you find something that can be picked up and brought back to class, place it in your bag. If you can take a picture of it, do so. Call the class photographer to take a picture with the class digital camera. When you return from your walk get into your groups and share your findings.

Student Instructions

Students will take pictures of patterns explored on nature walk using smart phones or class digital camera. 10-minute Nature Walk around the campus to explore what patterns can be seen in nature on campus and any part of the neighborhood that can be seen from campus. After the walk students will discuss the different categories their findings fit into.


Information for Commonsense Resource Quizlet 6th Grade Science Vocabulary – Moon Phases, by Rebekah_Sorrells https://quizlet.com/31592191/6th-grade-science-vocabulary-moon-phases-fl... Earth Cycles- By Chuck_Levkulich https://quizlet.com/168448021/earth-cycles-flash-cards/ What have you learned about patterns? What types of patterns have you learned about? Teacher guides students into a discussion of repeating patterns the experience daily. The teacher states Just like there are patterns that reoccur in your daily life, there are patterns that occur in our world daily, monthly, and yearly. I want to name a few of the cycles that take place in our world? First, I want you to list cycles that occur in your world. (Next questions are from By Design, level 6) What patterns do you have in your personal life? List any cycle that takes place in nature. Here is a list of earth cycles. 1. The Carbon Cycle 2. The nitrogen Cycle 3. Water cycle 4. Seasonal Cycle 5. Reproductive Cycle 6. Predator Cycle 7. Earth-sun-moon Cycle Vocabulary Given on Quizlet Each student in the group must select a cycle to produce a poster for cycles 1-6. All students will present a model, created book, PowerPoint presentation or Photostory2, that illustrates with graphics and text the relationships between these three entities.

Student Instructions

Students will read the information from their textbook, “By Design” level 6, Unit, Lesson 3, pages 34-41. Create 1 poster for one of the cycles 1-6 Cycle 7 a created book 1. Share findings from the nature walk and Explore session 2. List cycles they experience personally. 3. In cooperative learning groups, the students will research the different cycles of earth.


Activity: Creating

Each student in the group must for research select 1 cycle to produce a poster for in cycles 1-6. The teacher will explain the final project. All students will present a model, created book, PowerPoint presentation or Photostory2, or poem that illustrates with graphics and text the relationships between the earth-sun-moon, seasons

Student Instructions

Students are still in their groups researching the cycles and deciding which one they will complete for their poster. No duplicates in a group. Students are to use Quizlet at home and during class assigned computer time. Vocabulary should be written in the journal.


Activity: Presenting

All students will present a model (models may be motorized), created book, PowerPoint presentation or Photostory2, or poem that illustrates with graphics and text the relationships between these the earth-sun, moon, and seasons. The teach will observe the students as they present their models, Photo Stories, or PowerPoint presentations. Students will be asked questions about the relationships of the earth-sun-moon cycle. Teacher may ask open ended questions or questions that have specific answers. What do you think would happen if… Tell me what produces a 24-hour period?

Student Instructions

Students are to present their product. They must speak loudly and clearly They must be able to pronounce the words on their own. They need to answer questions to the best of their ability.