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Students will self assess, review and discuss cybersafety and bullying, and create a project about the topic to present to the class
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Students will be able to assess their online activities in terms of safety and etiquette and create a project about the topic

Health & Wellness
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook

Hook: Students will take cyberbullying survey to assess whether they themselves have bullied others on line. Students will be shown score sheet and reflect on their online behavior.

2 Direct Instruction

students will be shown powerpoint with embedded videos on cyber bullying: definition, examples, etc.

3 Guided Practice

Students will discuss in groups and take pledge not to cyberbully

4 Independent Pracrice

Students will create a Google Doc poster or Google Slide show (student choice) or Codester project discussing the definition and problems and ways to avoid cyberbullying

5 Wrap up

Activity: Presenting

Students will present their projects to class, who will ask questions and offer suggestions about the projects