Lesson Plan


In this lesson, students are going to learn about cyberbullying, the danger of it, the outcomes, and how to prevent it.

Students will be able to define cyberbullying and learn how it occurs.

Students will understand the danger of cyberbullying and how cyberbullying could impact on individuals.

Students will be able to know how to take steps to stop cyberbullying, and stay safe.

Health & Wellness
Grades 6
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1 Engage

Ask the students what they learned or understood from the video.

Ask them to define cyberbullying.

Student Instructions

Engage in the conversation and answer the questions.

2 Explore

Activity: Presenting

After asking the students, and defining cyberbullying. The teacher will write the definition of cyberbullying on the board, based on students’ responses.

Talk about the various devices and methods used in cyberbullying, like sending text messages on cell phones, and sending rumors by emails.

Create a class discussion with the students

Student Instructions

Participate in class discussion.

3 Explain

Activity: Conversing

Explain how cyberbullying occurs.

Who are the people engaging in cyberbullying; give examples.

Ask the students to share a story about themselves or talk about a friend who was a victim of cyberbullying and how they stood up for him/her to fight against it.

Talk about how negatively bullying might influence on individuals.

How emotional and stressful might be to the person.

The person who becomes a victim of cyberbullying might feel worthless and inferior to his classmates or friends.

Student Instructions

Share your thoughts and ideas.

4 Elaborate

Try to help cyberbullying victims, become friends with them, and stand for them.

Report cyberbullying to the school; tell the students to use their cell phones to take pictures, screenshots, or videos of text messages, emails, and conversations leading to cyberbullying as an evidence and report them immediately to the school.

Refer to the video and talk about the steps discussed to stop cyberbullying.

Reassure that the students know what to do if they become a victim of cyberbullying, like mention to the students to block bullied people on their devices, inform parents or teachers, talk to school counselors, and so on. 

Student Instructions

Watch the video!

Be attentive

5 Evaluate

Activity: Assessing

Review the important concepts talked in class about cyberbullying to make sure students know about them.

Let the students interact and engage in conversation.

Call on students and ask them to define cyberbullying.

Ask the students to list the devices used in cyberbullying.

Talk about bullied people and ask the students to answer these questions. Who are the bullied and why they bully? Refer to the first video.

Lastly, refer to the steps seen in the second video to stop cyberbullying.

Make the students take a pledge that they are never going to bully anyone by creating a class poster and asking the students to write their names on the poster as a proof for their commitment; then, put the poster up on the class wall.

Don’t be a Bully! Be a Buddy! Based on this phrase, students are going to build their perspective for this class.

Student Instructions

Interact and engage with the teacher.