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Customary Units

Teach your middle schoolers about measurement with this app flow!
Kelly A.
Classroom teacher
Ladue Middle School
St. Louis, United States
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My Grades 6, 7, 8
Digitial Citizenship and EdTech Mentor

Students will be able to...

  • convert units of measurement between Customary and Metric for length, weight, and capacity
Grades 6 – 7
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1 Plan

The Countdown web app can be very helpful in “unpacking” the Common Core math standards. In the program, you can easily break down which skills to teach and instructional strategies for a variety of student needs. Countdown helps you visualize your lesson plans as a calendar, which can be exported and shared.

2 Teach

Free, Paid

NearPod is a fantastic way to make direct instruction interactive and engaging. The teacher creates a presentation which students can view on their own devices. NearPod makes it easy to organize lesson content and embed media from other sources to support your teaching. As they go through the presentation, students can take notes and answer questions to keep them engaged in the material. Because memorizing unit conversion rates, encourage your students to revisit your NearPod presentation frequently for reminders.

3 Practice

Free to Try, Paid

Once your students are ready to solve independently, they can practice converting units of measurement on IXL. The program gives students instant feedback as they answer questions, and continuously updates their “SmartScore” to help them monitor their mastery. IXL is a great alternative to paper-and-pencil homework, too!

4 Apply

$320 annual subscription per teacher

The Mathalicious lesson “Been Caught Stealing” will guide students through a real-world application of measurement conversions. They will investigate the speed of a baseball (in miles per hour) vs. the speed of a runner (in feet per second) and see if the runner can beat the throw for a stolen base. Your students will love playing with the speeds on the embedded interactive graphics to see just how fast or slow they can make the elements move!

5 Assess

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After you have completed the above activities, assess your students’ mastery of unit conversions using Socrative. This interactive “clicker” app allows your students to answer questions that you write using their own device. This will allow you to gauge who has mastered the concepts addressed without taking home a huge stack of papers to grade!