Lesson Plan

Current Events Debate

Using Technology to Formulate a Debate
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1 Hook: No one ever disagrees! Agree or disagree with the previous statement.

Activity: Assessing

Instruct students to answer the thought provoking question on the board after they enter and they settle down.

Student Instructions

Students will be tasked with answering the Hook on a slip of paper as they enter the classroom.

2 Direct Instruction: How to formulate a Debate

Show students the following web address. show them one of the topics and display the varied opinons.

Student Instructions

Look and listen as the subtlety of varied opinions is explained through the use of this web address. FOllow along on your device.

3 Guided Practice: Current Event Classroom Debate Research

Provide students with the tools and link to the required web address so that they can learn the various sides to a certain argument.

Student Instructions

Go to the laptop cart, take a computer, log-in, and go to the following web address. Once there, search the topic you are assigned, read over each argument and identify the strongest points by each author.

4 Independent Practice - Turn and Talk: Current Event Classroom Debate Research

Activity: Conversing

Give students 5-10 minutes to discuss their findings to formulate their understanding of the content.

Student Instructions

Discuss with the partner next to you the positive and negative aspects of each argument, be sure to questions the stances of either author to better illicit an understanding of the points they are arguing for.

Determine which side you morally side with to gain a better understanding of the stance you would formulate given the opportunity to debate this for your own personal reasons.

5 Wrap up: Debate in Practice

Activity: Debating

Instruct students that have completed their research to take what they know and participate in a debate to show their gained knowledge.

Student Instructions

You will be tasked with showing what you have learned and express the opinions and arguments you developed in front of the class.