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Students will learn about different regions where Spanish is spoken
Lorena R.
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Students will learn over the origins and essentials of daily living from a Spanish speaking region, as well as learn all the countries and capitals to Hispanic countries.

The students will become familiar with different regions that help form what is known as Central and Latin America, as well as Spain. They will learn over the daily activities, unique habits and specific traditions (and holidays) pertaining to each area. They will do extensive research over a region which they will choose and present over their discoveries.


World Languages
Grades 7 – 12
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1 Culture and language

We will begin class by conversing over trips the students have made to different places in the world. Gradually we will go over the countries that have Spanish as their primary language and I will give them a printout.

The printout given to the students will have a map of Mexico, Central/ Latin America and Spain.

EXPLORE:Students will be asked to get into equal groups (depends how big the classroom size) and will pick a country where they will do extensive research on that region and find out unique things over that region. For example: hobbies, songs, national anthem, holidays, important dates, common food, tourist areas etc.


I will briefly lecture over the importance of culture and identity. As well as challenge the students to observe certain characteristics that could develop a sense of identity through culture.


I will show the video highlighting important facts about the specific country we will be viewing.


They will be given a blank map of Latin/ Central America as well as Spain and be asked to name all the countries/provinces including capitals. I will be evaluating the students presentations according to a rubric I will have handed to them at the beginning of the assignment.

Student Instructions


The students must find out the county name and their capitols, at the end of the activity I will go over the names to make sure they are correct.



Student will be expected to write notes over the video.


They will have a quiz over all Spanish speaking countries and will have to present in groups over a specific country they have chosen.