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Critically Comparing POV in Anthem

Students will be able to analyze, compare, and present POV intersections through the use of technology-- and it will rock.
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Students will be able to analyze POV in a way that they can utilize their analyses to compare and contrast various characters’ POVs as well as their own POV in comparison and deliver/present, through use of technology, these findings/analyses to an audience (their classmates and instructors).

English Language Arts
Grades 10
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1 Representing POV in Venn Diagrams

*All of the following instructions are part of a larger unit that focuses on POV in the novella, "Anthem." In this unit we have been working on the purpose, meaning, marginalization, and mood POV (in an author as well as a reader) creates.

- Explain to students that they will be creating a Venn Diagram that represents what they know/have learned about the ins, outs, and implications of POV (4 min)

- Ask students to each retrieve a laptop from the class cart (5 min)

- Once students have their laptops this will be a period of contained chaos (30 min)

- The directions for what they will be doing are already written on the board, including the website they will be utilizing: http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/venn_diagrams/

- The website is free and entails no setup (and it's VERY easy to use)

- On the board will be:

- The Venn Diagram link

- Instructions:
- This assignment will be used as a measure of understanding by checking to see if/how you include at least three POVs: Is yours included in it? Do you include reasons why the overlaps occur and how this is connected to POV?

Each Venn Diagram must include:
- A minimum of three circles (labeled)
- A circle that represents your POV
- A minimum of four "points" that are expanded when you click on them (this is to explain why the point exists and how it ties to another circle in the diagram).
- Explanation on how to email the final Venn Diagram to me

- Be sure you keep in mind you will be presenting this to a small group of your peers!

And... PRESENT to a small group!

- Each student will lead a short (~3-4 min) presentation utilizing their POV Venn Diagrams.