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Critical Thinking

CargoBot and Coding
Cristina C.
Classroom teacher
Valhalla Middle High School
Valhalla, United States
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My Grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to complete levels in CargoBot to show their critical thinking and coding skills

Grades 6 – 9
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1 Get Playing CargoBot

Students will need an Ipad with CargoBot for each student.

Student Instructions

After the successful completion of each level take a screenshot to upload to Google Drive

2 Upload your images

Google Drive
Free, Paid

It is helpful if you have a shared folder within Google Drive for each student to upload their screenshots to.  You should share this folder with the student it belongs to so she can upload the screensots into that folder.

Student Instructions

Upload your screenshots to the Google Drive folder that your teacher has shared with you.