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Criminal Analysis Project

Students will utilize FBI analysis and background research to create their own criminal analysis for a former prolific serial criminal
Lauren A.
Social Studies teachers, 7-12
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Students will be able to... read and analyze an FBI analysis on Jack the Ripper to understand what specific characteristics and information found on a FBI analysis.

SWBAT... watch, listen, and learn about who Jack the Ripper was, who his victims were, and the environment of London at the turn of the 19th century to better understand the criminal profile create in the FBI analysis.

SWBAT... create a poster and video to explain and present the criminal

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Hook/Direct Instruction

Students will watch the video on YouTube for Jack the Ripper and gather notes to describe the time period, the people, and the pattern created by JTR.

Then, students will read the FBI criminal analysis on JTR to gain an understanding as to how a CA is made.

2 Guided Practice

Google Drive
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Students will complete their own research on a criminal.  They will complete a criminal analysis notes sheet to prepare information for poster and video

3 Independent Practice

Create a Poster and imbed an Aurasma video or create an iMovie for their criminal analysis.  This should be created as a public service anouncment.

4 wrap up

Activity: Assessing

Students will walk around the room sharing and assessing other groups' criminal analysis projects.