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Creative Writing

This is an activity for students to write their own short essay using a prompt then producing it into a movie using iMovie.
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to... write a short stoy from a prompt, use literary techniques correctly, develop and produce a short animation using iMovie

English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 12
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1 Writing the story

Activity: Creating

Students will be given a prompt: Imagine you are magically transported to a magical land. Using descriptive writing, tell about what happens. 

2 Storyboard

Activity: Drawing

Students will use make a story board using their essays. 

Student Instructions

Students will design their own storyboard of shots from their story using a graphic organizer. 

3 iMovie

Students will need to access iMovie either on their own hand-held device or on a school supplied iPad. 

Student Instructions

Students will work on their own to review iMovie and how to use it. They will have to use the storyboards they created in the last step and film the clops for their movie.