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Creating Schedules

Creating visual schedules with time labels
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Students will be able to use pictures of activities and clocks to individually create a schedule of their day and week according to the rubric. Students will also be albe to discuss and design a weekly class schedule by following the directions given as a class.

Grades 1 – 2
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1 Hook

Activity: Reading

Read "What Time is it Mr. Crocidile?"

Student Instructions

Students will listen and when asked they will correctly be able to identify the times in the story and color in their clocks on a worksheet that follows along with the story.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will transition into shcedules by explaining what a schedule is and present the current class shedule as an example and then establish goals for the lesson and clarify the set. 

Student Instructions

Students will discuss why a schedule is important and what types of things go on a schedule and what types of things do not.

3 Guided Practice

Using the Smartboard, the teacher will search for images that describe the class current schedule. The teacher will also use Word on the Smartboard to create the proper times to go along with the activities. 

Student Instructions

Students will help the teacher search for ideas on Google and tell the teacher the times to write on the clocks.

4 Independent Practice

Supervise; help as needed

Student Instructions

Students will now use the same tools to create their own daily schedule on the computers where they are free to include homework time, play dates, doctors appointments, etc. 

5 Discussion and Presentation

Activity: Other — Discussion and presentation

As a class, we will discuss our schedules and their similarities and differences. 

Student Instructions

Students will discuss and then they may present their schedules to the class and share the pictures they chose.