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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Creating Scale Models

use ratios and proportional reasoning to create scale models
Jaclyn C.
Classroom teacher
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My Subjects Math, Science

Students will be able to...

  • create a scale models
  • solve for the unknown in ratios
  • create equivalent ratios 
Grades 7 – 10
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1 Use OneNote for collaborative planning

Guide students in measuring their own objects or finding drawings of objects/buildings with the measurements on them. 

Student Instructions
  • collaborate in a OneNote page to store sketches of object with measurements on it 

2 Create Scale Model

Help students choose the best way to create their scale model: 

  • 3D model in Minecraft EDU
  • 3D design (for printing if you have access to 3D printer)
  • Physical resources: lego, kinnex, paper, cardboard, etc. 
Student Instructions

Students use their sketches with measurements and method of making a 3D model (Minecraft EDU, TinkerCAD or physical model) to decide on a scale factor. Once they determine their scale factor, they create the model using chosen method. 

3 Explain student thinking

Free, Paid

Students should use a digital tool to record their thinking and show off their model. They can use tools such as Educreations, Explain Everything or a simple phone with video recording. 

Student Instructions

Choose a method to record and explain your thinking (Educreations, Explain Everything or video recording). 

  • explain your scale factor 
  • show images, video of your scale model 
  • explain how you calculated at least 2 of your dimenions. Show the ratio you set up and how you determined the unknown.