Lesson Plan

Creating Crazy Creatures

Students learn about various animal traits and then create their own animal with a variety of traits. Students write a creative story featuring the newly created animal.
Cameron M.
Technology coordinator
Hoover City Schools
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Students will be able to...

  • Read and understand facts about animals online and choose the most important traits
  • Create a real or fictional creature using the digital tools on the SwitchZoo website
  • Write a creative story with appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details of the new creature
English Language Arts
Grades 2
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1 Hook

Help students understand how to use the site and learn about the animals. 

Student Instructions

Spend time learning about animals on the SwitchZoo site. Choose a few  favorites and decide what traits you like best about each one.  Try the Switchzoo quest to get started  http://switchzoo.com/quest.htm

Or read about each animal from this list: http://switchzoo.com/animallist.htm

2 Direct Instruction and Practice

Students will arrow through the instructions on the left to learn how to create an animal on the site.

Student Instructions

Take the Guided Tour to learn how to create  a new animal.

3 Independent Practice

Demonstrate for the students by creating your own animal and brainstorm with the class to come up with ideas about how this animal came to be and what adventures it might have.

Make sure to include real animal traits and facts that were learned from the site in the story. 

Student Instructions
  1. Create a new animal based on your favorites. Understand the traits of the animal you created.
  2. Choose a head, leg, and tail for your animal.
  3. Be sure to read about each of the traits you choose for your animal.
  4. You will use these traits to write about your animal in your creative story.

When you write include:

  • How was your animal discovered?
  • What are some special things your animal can do?
  • Is there a special adventure your animal has taken?

4 Wrap Up

Tell students whether they are allowed to print stories or save. 

Have students share stories and compare and contrast the newly created animals.

Student Instructions

Save or print your animal picture and story.

When you are finished share your stories and then  try the online "Scavengers" hunt.