Lesson Plan

Creating Comics... For Science!!!

Build your students science knowledge by having them create and share comics!
August D.
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Ridgewood Elementary School
Eureka, United States
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My Grades K
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Students will be able to...

  1. Research a topic in science
  2. Create a scientifically accurate comic strip based on their research
  3. Create and deliver a presentation
English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 12
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1 Introduction

Begin the lesson by introducing students to the "genre" of science comics (I say "genre" because there are very few out there, and even fewer which are appropriate to share in a classroom!). Bird and Moon does a fine job of sharing science topics in a clear and playful way, making it ripe as an example for students. 

Creating your own example comic, with specific reference to you class or school, is another great way to hook students.

2 Research

The subject of student comics will depend on the focus of your class or the current unit of study. Additionally, the methods you prefer for your students to record and document their research will likely have been established by this point. Research can be drawn from many sources, so the recommended tool is just a suggestion.

3 Brainstorming

Following research, students can use this, or any, idea mapping app to plot the flow of their comic. This step is a good time to remind students that while creating a visual work is an important part of this lesson, ensuring the scientific concept is clear to the reader is even more important. By diagramming the story ahead of time, and having it reviewed by the teacher or peers, students are less likely to have to rework their entire comic.

4 Creation

Comic Life
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To ensure this lesson is truly integrated, resist the temptation to short change the amount of time students have to create their comics. Communicate to them the importance of a finished visual presentation of their concept as a means to deliver their concept to the reader. If the reader enjoys their work they are more likely to understand the underlining concept.

5 Presentation

The lesson concludes with students (or student teams) presenting their concept, including the comic, to the class. Encourage students to continue the general visual theme of their comic when creating their presentation. For instance, if their comic is in a classic super hero style, select appropriate fonts.