Lesson Plan

Creating book trailers with iMovie and publishing with Aurasma

Students use iMovie to create film-style trailers promoting their non-fiction book of choice, and then create Aurasma auras to share their trailers.
Chris C.
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Heathcote School
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
My Subjects English Language Arts, Social Studies

Students will be able to... use iMovie to create an exciting and engaging summary of their book to entice othersto read just as movie trailers do for films

English Language Arts
Grades 4 – 5
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1 Direct Instruction pt 1

This is the very first part of the project. The students have already finished their non-fiction books. 

Open iMovie and demonstrate the basic functions (new, saving, etc).

Show the difference between the blank timeline option and the "trailer" option.

Show one of the template trailers, then create a quick trailer with existing photos.

Student Instructions

Students will open iMovie and begin a new Trailer and save it with the appropruate file name.

They will then replace the template text with what they want to say about thier book.

2 Direct Instruction pt 2

Activity: Other — search.creativecommons.org

Demonstrate the search functionality of CreativeCommons.org

Remind studnets of importance of avoiding plagerism, cioyright infrignment, etc

Demonstrate finding & saving a picture relevent to the student's non-fiction book.

Student Instructions

Students will use search.creativecommins.org to find pictures relevent to their Trailer.

They will download the pictures

3 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Students now have the basics of their trailer and the ability to find relevent media, they will spend as much time as needed (1-3 periods depending on length & frequency) combineing their basic trailer with their pictues and refining their trailer to completion.

Student Instructions

Use the knowledge and skills from the previous two steps to create, refine, and complete your book trailer.

4 Direct Instruction

Create a class Aurasma account and a publc channel. Demonstrate for students have Aurasma works and the steps for logging in, uploading a trigger image, uploading an overaly, and createing the aura.

As students are wrapping up their iMovie and beginning to log in to Aurasma, take simple pictures with them holding their books up. These pictures will be shared with them and act as the trigger images.

5 Independent Practice

Review all aspects of iMovie, including how to export as a file.

Review logging in the Aurasma and creating an aura.

Student Instructions

Students finish their iMovie book trailers, export them and upload them, along with their photo fromt the previous step, and create their auras.

6 Wrap up - student

Activity: Exploring

Once auras are created (even if the entire class isn't finished) the students who are done can print out thier photos and use a mobile device (their own or a class device) to check their auras and those of classmates.

Student Instructions

Students finish createing their auras, print their trigger image and verify they successfully complete the assignment. They can then begin to view the trailers of classmates through the trigger images of others.

7 Wrap up - teacher

Activity: Presenting

Once all the videos are complete and all the auras created on Aurasma, create the bulliten board.

Print all the student trigger images. Make a brief description on how to download the Aurasma app and follow the class or assignment channel. Create the bulliten board as you would for any project, but the added directions for Aurasma and the fact the printed pictues are trigger images means your single dimensional bulliten board is actually a multimeida wall waiting to be discovered with the help of augmented reality.