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Creating Blog Posts

Students collaborate on blog post ideas and respond to each other blogs
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Students will be able to write on their blogs from topics that their classmates suggest. The blog will be updated monthly and students will continue commenting on each other's work throughout the year. This yearlong project is meant for students to reflect on their learning, write over a long period of time, and write for an audience. As they look over their previous posts, they will see their ideas and thoughts grow and develop.

English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 8
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1 The hook-Brainstorm Ideas for Blog Topics

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The teacher creates a Padlet as a place for each student to post blog topics. The class discusses the variety of topics and chooses which one they will write about. If the teacher chooses, they can create a quick survey in Google forms if everyone needs to agree on the topic. Students vote on the top five blog ideas from the Padlet.

Student Instructions

What would you like to write about? Add your idea to the Padlet. I've already put five ideas on there. Come up with one of your own. We'll vote on which ones to use.

2 Direct Instruction-Write Blog posts

The teacher opens up their blog and starts writing about the topic. The teacher reviews the requirements for the blog post.

Students open up their blog and chose one of the topics, or the agreed upon topic to write about on their blog. The teacher reminds the students of the basic rules to follow as they write.

Student Instructions

From the topic choices we've suggested, we're going to choose from the following topics...

Let's review the rules about writing a blog post...

3 Guided Practice-Students write in their blogs

Students write in their blogs.They follow the rubric that the teacher has established for the blog posts.

Student Instructions

Write a post based on one of these questions. Complete sentences and fully formed thoughts please. Check the rubric for complete instructions.

4 Independent Practice-Students respond to each others blogs

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Students post their blog link on a Google spreadsheet for other students to find and respond to their posts.

Student Instructions

From the classroom roster, you see blog addresses for each student's blog. Click on the person above and below your name, and comment on their blog post. Positive and constructive comments please.

5 Wrap up-Students reflect on a padlet

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On the same Padlet that started this lesson, the students post one positive statement about the classmate's blog they commented on.

Student Instructions

On the Padlet, share one nice thing someone said about your work. Did you thank them?