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Creating Bibliographies

All sources should be cited according to local style formats.
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Students will be able to cite all sources used according to local style formats.cite all sources used according to local style formats.

English Language Arts
Grades 7
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1 Mini Lesson

Activity: Presenting

Students have preciously had lessons on the Connect, Wonder, Investigate and Construct Inquiries.Elicit definitions of: Plagiarism: Copying work and claiming it is your own.

 Bibliography: Cited source list

 Footnote: a note of reference, explanation, or comment

  Citation: an act of quoting

Explain: we need to give credit for ideas and sources used .Show Citation Power Point .Model how to get to Citation Machine.                            

Student Instructions

Students will turn and talk about different resources used for bibliography.

2 Guided / Independent / Share

Activity: Creating

Model filling in Bibliography Worksheet with one source using an interactive White board.Use of title page and CIP page to find relevant information

Student Instructions

Students will fill in their bibliography worksheets with resources they have selected for the research.Students will only be required to fill in the author, title and copyright of a resource.Students will share their work and reflect on it