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Creating and Mixing Color

Students will learn how colors create new colors.
Cynthia R.
Early childhood provider
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My Grades Pre-K

Students will be able to...observe different colors, light and dark colors including learning about primary and secondary colors.  Students will experiment with mixing colors together and creating another color and observing how one color can change and help transform a lighter or darker color.

Grades Pre-K
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1 Step 1: Exploring the primary colors; red, yellow and blue

Activity: Exploring
  • Provide mixing trays and paint brushes.
  • Display each primary color for students to observe.
  • Each student is presented with two colors to mix together.
  • Students will observe and discuss what happens to certain colors when mixed together.
  • Discuss how many colors are created from 3 primary colors.
  • Provide paintbrushes and paper to create a special painting.



Student Instructions
  • Choose 2 colors to mix.
  • Discuss with peers what is observed from the colors mixed.
  • Mix new colors with white to observe the changes
  • Use those colors to create a colorful picture.