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Creating an iWitness Account of Anti-Semitism

Within this lesson, students will be researching and collecting video testimonies of Holocaust survivors. They will use the testimonies to create a video essay describing their understanding, perception and definition of the term. Primary sources needed.
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Students will be able to... research testimonies and video accounts of Holocaust survivors; summarize important examples highlighting anti-Semitism; create a video documented entry of their perception of the term using primary sources; reflect upon the significance of anti-Semitism in regards to the Holocaust. 

English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 11
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1 Hook/Attention Getter: "Anti-Semitism- A Thing of the Past?"

The students will be viewing a video through iWitness which will prompt thinking an engagement in regards to the topic. The video can be found at iwitness.usc.edu under "video activities." The guided questions which are prompted by time will allow the students to question the material prior to research. The video will leave unanswered questions for the students which they will use to prompt their research. 

2 Direct Instruction

Students will be researching testimonials on iWitness to support their own perception and definition of "anti-Semitism." When finished, they will be able to identify (through writing & speaking) the definition of prejudice, racism, and anti-Semitism. Students should be actively note-taking while reviewing the video resources to include information within their video essay. A minimum of three primary sources are necessary. 

3 Guided Practice

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Students will use WeVideo to comprise their video essay. Once the students have completed their research, they should review their notes and begin to pot together a well thought out summary of events. They will be using the examples which they researched as their primary sources. They should be compiling the videos in a way that makes sense- chronologically- and in regards to their presentation. The main goal is to define anti-Semitism by using testimonials from Holocaust survivors. 

4 Independent Practice

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The students will be creating their video essays during this step. Through WeVideo the students should record their own, individual testimonies and include documentation from Holocaust survivors' testimonies. The students will save their one (1) minute testimonial (with definition) and upLoad to Google Classroom for submission. Videos should be no longer than the time given.

5 Wrap Up

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The students will watch the testimonies of five (5) classmates. A reflection will be written in journals for each one viewed. The overall summation of the project will conclude with a Socratic Seminar.