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Creating Addition Number Sentences with Pic Collage

In this lesson, students will use everyday items to model and create addition number sentences.
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Students will be able to model and write addition number sentences while using the Pic Collage creation app.


Grades K – 1
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1 Hook

Free, Free to Try, Paid

Begin the lesson by using the ‘Robots Addition Up to Ten’ episode on Matific  (grade K) to review previously learned information on how to create an addition number sentence, both with models and the digits.  Students will help count the two types of robots and fill in the blanks in the number sentence.  This will engage the students' prior knowledge and hook them in with a fun, interactive activity

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Conversing

Once the Matific episode is over, the teacher will review number sentences and modeling, as it was introduced in previous lessons.  Then, the teacher will explain today’s activity - creating a Pic Collage using groups of items in the classroom to make models for creating a number sentence.  


3 Guided Practice

As a class, the teacher will model making one class Pic Collage as a group to walk students through the steps and allow opportunities for them to ask questions.  The class will find items in the room to count (actual counters, books, pencils, etc.) and then make two distinct groups of these items.  Using the camera on the iPad, the teacher will take pictures of the two groups of items.  Then, the teacher will open the Pic Collage app, create a new collage, import the two pictures of groups of items, and then label the pictures with text to create an addition number sentence that matches the number of items in the groups.  The teacher will be displaying this work over the projector so that all students can watch and help create the class collage.


4 Independent Practice

Each student will be provided an iPad.  First, they will find items in the classroom and create two groups of those items as models for their number sentences.  They will take pictures of the two groups, and then create their own personal collages that include the pictures/models of numbers, and then use the text feature to type a matching addition sentence for those pictures.  Finally, they will add their names to their collages and embellish/decorate their collage if time permits.  Students will save their collages to the iPad camera roll and upload to the class Dropbox account (previously learned).

5 Wrap-Up

Students will view their classmates’ collages in the Dropbox folder to see what their classmates created.  The teacher will display some of the collages on the projector for all students to review and discuss the similarities and differences in the models and number sentences.  The teacher can now save these creations for both a formative assessment and to use as examples for when addition number sentences are reviewed throughout the year.