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Creating a Public Service Announcement

This Web 2.0 Problem-Based Learning assignment will give students ownership in solving a real-world issue while practicing several technology and ELA Skills
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Students will create a slide presentation about a human interest issue or topic using technology to research and develop their ideas. As a culminating activity, students will create a PSA commercial video from their research to present with their slide show to peers.

English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Use Brainpop and Great Websites For Kids To Research Topics for the PSA

Activity: Investigating

1. Use Kahoot to take a poll on different human interest topics to help students see the interest and get inspired.

2. Introduce students to Brainpop and Great Websites For Kids. Tell the students that they are going to search categories such as Science, World, Health, Sports, Features, etc. to find a topic that interests them and that they believe that making their peers more knowledgeable about it will be beneficial to them. Give them examples of topics that might interest them.

3. Share an 8-Slide template with students that they can then copy and fill in with content and pictures to show facts, helpful hints, and other pretinent information about their topic along with the resources they used to get them.

4. Teacher will introduce the features of Google slides to create backgrounds, themes, animations, transitions, and formatting to create visual expression in their research

5. Introduce/review You Tube to students and the features that will enable students to insert a movie 

Student Instructions

Day 1. You will be taking a survey in kahoot on different topics of interests to see how you and your peers feel and think about certain things in life. Then we will review the results together to ilicit discussion and help you decide on a topic you would like to research.

Day 2. Use Brain Pop and Great Websites For Students to research and get facts about the topic you have chosen to write about.

Day 3. Copy the Google Slide Template that has been shared with you. Then Fill in the slides with pictures, facts and helpful hints that will validate your research.

Day 4. After going over the features of Google slides with the teacher, Add backgrounds, themes, animations, transitions and formatting to create visual expression to your slides.