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Creating a Product Advertisement using Persuasive Techniques

Students will pick a product to create an advertisement for using persuasive techniques.
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Students will be able to...

  • pick a product (toy, clothing, shoe, food item, etc) to reasearch and create an advertisiement flyer for using persuasive techniques (Media Literacy Unit).

Meet the Core Principles of Media Literacy Education:

  1. active inquiry and critical thinking about the messages we receive and create.

  2. expands the concept of literacy to include all forms of media (i.e., reading and writing).

  3. builds and reinforces skills for learners of all ages. Like print literacy, those skills necessitate integrated, interactive, and repeated practice.

  4. develops informed, reflective and engaged participants essential for a democratic society.

  5. recognizes that media are a part of culture and function as agents of socialization.

  6. affirms that people use their individual skills, beliefs and experiences to construct their own meanings from media messages.

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 8
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1 Hook

Free, Paid

Showcase advertisements to students that use diffrent types of persuasive techniques.

Some example videos to use:

  • Radio Commercials from the first quarter of 2013
  • Exploring the Different Styles of Advertising
  • Top 10 Product Commercial Jingles

  • Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials 2017 Compilation

  • Commercials

2 Instruction

Using a variety of blended/flipped classroom strategies to teach/review persuasive techniques used within advertisments you can use articles and videos.  

Students work through the game on Admongo (has teach lessons to go with it) to learn about advertisements.  


  • WWII Posters from the National Museum of American History (ReadWorksDigital)

  • Junk Food Ad Attack! (ReadWorksDigital)

  • A new study shows fast-food advertising to kids is on the rise (ReadWorksDigital)

  • Persuasive Techniques (EdPuzzle)

  • Propaganda Techniques (Edpuzzle)

  • Author's Purpose Commercials (EdPuzzle)


3 Practice

Students will use the interactive Printing Press program on ReadWriteThink to creat a flyer for the product the have pick.  Student research information to include about the product, create slogan and/or jingle, etc.

Students are required to cite sources borth information and images.

4 Wrap Up/Exit Ticket

Students turn in final product of PDF in on Edmodo and take quiz on persuasive techniques on Quizizz (Propaganda and Persuasive Techniques)