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Creating a Personal Narrative

Students will pre-write, write, and publish a personal narrative
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My Grades 7
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Students will be able to...

Use a variety of prewriting strategies including graphic organizers to generate and organize ideas.

Write multi-paragraph compositions with unity elaborating the central idea.

Use computer technology to plan, draft, revise, edit, and publish writing.

Use quotation marks with dialogue.

 Use correct spelling for commonly used words.


English Language Arts
Grades 7
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1 Hook

Activity: Presenting

Prior to this lesson, students will have created a "My Writing Territories" list - this is a list of possible writing topics based on memories, likes/dislikes, experiences, etc.  

The teacher will share her Writing Territories List with the students.  

The teacher will share with students the topic she chose to write about/expand.  

The teacher will share with students her final draft of her Personal Narrative.

Student Instructions

Students will get their Writing Territories list out and have it on their desks.

Students will listen and read along to the teacher's Personal Narrative.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

The teacher will introduce Popplet to students as a means of pre-writing for their own Personal Narrative. 

Teacher will share the "Memory Text Structure" handout with students.  This is from the book CrunchTime, pg. 29

Teacher will walk students through how to use popplet

Teacher will share examples of brainstorms for Personal Narratives.  

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Creating

The teacher will have students work independently using Popplet to create their pre-writing/brainstorming using the Memory Text Structure format. (where you were, moment it started, next moment, final moment, what you thought).

The teacher will instruct students to copy their Popplet creation to a Google Doc (in Google Classroom) and share their doc with the class.

Students will comment on each other's Popplets - paying particular attention as to whether or not all parts of the Memory Structure were covered.

4 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will show how to expand on the Memory Text Structure components by introducing how to use a Flipbook. This is taken from CrunchTime, pages 37-39.  

This helps students expand thoughts, add dialogue, etc.  This flipbook provides students a "workable organizational strategy without relying on 5 paragraph essay format."  pg. 36.

5 Guided Practice

Activity: Creating

Teacher will provide each student with his/her own flipbook in which to begin writing their own Personal Narrative.

Students will share completed pages with a peer for comments.  

6 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Students will write their Personal Narrative on a Google Doc, using their flipbooks and peer comments as a guide. Students will share finished essays with at least one peer on Classroom. Students will make any revisions/edits and then will submit to the teacher a final draft.

7 Wrap Up

Teacher will share with the class student essays.