Lesson Plan

Creating a Digital Citizenship Story with iMotion

Students create a story to share with others about cyberbullying and how to avoid it.
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Students will be able to...

Establish the purpose of sharing an anti-cyberbullying story with a positive message to avoid cyberbullying and promote positive interactions with peers and others using technology.

English Language Arts
Health & Wellness
Grades 4 – 5
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1 Hook

Activity: Presenting

Brainstorms Cyber bullying and the effects on victims, write down student topics on white board.

Tell students they will create a short anti-cyberbullying video using the iMotion App and Lego characters.

Student Instructions

Participates in discussion and listens to what peers say.


2 Planning and Outlining Video

Activity: Conversing

Provide time for students to form groups and have them outline a short conversation for their video. Explain that they will also plan how they are recording each scene and gather all their materials.

Student Instructions

Students will outline a short script and gather materials to create a background using Lego pieces as the setting and for characters.

3 Create an anti-cyberbullying video using iMotion

Monitor and assist as students follow their plan to make an anti-cyberbullying video. As they complete the video, the teacher watches it and gives feedback to groups.

Student Instructions

With their group, students take pictures, scene by scene of an anti-cyberbullying message for others to see.