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Creating a bibliography with Citation Machine

Students will learn how to properly cite their sources when researching information for their state report.
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Students will be able to properly cite books, encyclopedias and web resources they used when researching their state report. This lesson takes you through the steps to create a bibliography entry for a book using Citation Machine.  The lesson can be repeated to create bibliography entries for encyclopedias and web pages.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 5
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1 1 - Introduction/Hook

Activity: Assessing

Students will look at a state report bibliography to see if they can determine whether the resource used was a book, web page or encyclopedia.

Student Instructions

Work with a partner to review the State Report Bibliography, and determine whether each listing is for a book, encyclopedia or website.

What information helped you determine which type of resource it was?

Where do you think you can find the information for each type of resource?

2 2 - Demonstrate Using Citation Machine to Cite a Book

Activity: Other — Demonstrate how to create a bibliography entry using Citation Machine

Demonstrate how to create a bibliography entry using the manual entry mode in Citation Machine.  I used Screencastify which is a free app for Google Chrome to make a 2 minute video deomstrating how I used Citation Machine to make an APA bibliography entry for my state Book California. If you make a video, be sure to show students how they can access the video.

I also like to show them how to enter more than one author (+ ONE AUTHOR) and that they should put a group name (my book was published by the Capstone Press Geography Department) in the LAST NAME box as bibliographies are always done alphabetically by author.

Student Instructions

Students will watch the demonstration video. Students should note the information they need to pull from their book to create the bibliography entry:




3 3 - Locating bibliography information for a book

Activity: Other — Students locate bibliography information from their state book

Use a document camera or make copies of a publisher page to show students where they can find the information needed to create the bibliography.  

Explain to the students that all books are different and the information they need may be located in a different place than the one you demonstrated with.  

Show them how to find the publishing date and let them know to use the most current date if their book has more than one publication date.

Assist students with location the information they need

Student Instructions

Students will locate the follwing information to complete their bibliography entry:


4 4 - Students create their own bibliography entry in Citation Machine

Activity: Other — Students Create their own bibliography entry

I use the school Computer Lab to have students create their bibliographie entries.  Assist students in using Citation Machine to create their entry

Student Instructions

Students will go to www.citationmachine.net to create and APA bibliography entry for their state book.