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Create Your Own Ted Talk !

Students Get to Create Their Own Ted Talk
David L.
Technology coordinator
Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw, United States
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My Subjects Social Studies

Students will be able to create their own Ted-Ed Social Studies talk which will build critical social studies knowledge, problem solving skills , and public speaking skills

Social Studies
Grades 6 – 12
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1 Bell Ringer

Send out a Google Drive Form through every communication channel you have like Remind, Google +, and your own website with the bell Ringer question. Have kids answer the question " Watch one of the Tech Ed Social Studies videos. If you were to create your own what topic would it be on and why?

Student Instructions

Complete the Bell Ringer on the Google Form for the day.

2 Planning Your Talk

Set up a planning process for the kids talk using Blendspace. Have steps that have them goal set, plan, monitor progress, and reflect. Really this process could be different for every talk and teacher. You would want to align it based on how much time you want to spend. Have them complete the process in a word processor and send it to you, which again can be different for everyone

Student Instructions

Complete the planning process for your Ted-Talk that is written out in the class Blendspace. Write it in the Word processor of your choice and send it to me when your done.

3 Presenting and Filming Your Talk

Have students find a great place to film their talk based on the needs for it. Touchcast is a great app that would allow them to add titles and graphics easily to their talk

Student Instructions

Film your talk using Touchcast. Make sure you pick a great space based on what you need in your talk.

4 Exit Ticket

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Have students Complete the exit ticket on the same google form as the Bell Ringer with the Question " What did you learn from your Ted Talk"

Student Instructions

Complete the Exit Ticket on the same form as the Bell Ringer