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Create an iBook

Create an iBook on e-safety
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Students will be able to create an iBook on e-safety inclusive of:

How to remain safe on the internet

What to do if you are unsure of content

How to keep your personal details safe



English Language Learning
Grades K – 1
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1 E-Safety iBook

Intro: Discuss how we keep ourselves safe every day; when we are at the beach, when we go shopping, when we go to school, when we go on holiday etc. 

Questions: Do we need to do different things to keep ourselves safe in different situations? At the beach - wear sunscreen, at the mall - don't talk to strangers etc. 

Main: Play Hector's World video and discuss main issues and safety precautions that need to be exercised when online - keeping personal details safe, asking an adult if you are unsure, not entering information about anyone else etc. 

Provide information in various forms on internet safety: videos, books, appropriate websites 

Activity: Create an iBook with information on how to stay safe on the internet using Book Creator and Camera App. 

Extension: Draw picture of favourite website most visited and complete multiple choice activity sheet on internet safety rules. 

Plenary: Share completed e-safety iBooks with class and complete peer assessment. 

Student Instructions

Q and A: How can I stay safe on the internet? 

Guided instructions on how to create an iBook using Book Creator and camera App - how to add pages, add images, draw pictures and add audio clips. 

Provide a scaffold for students to follow that details a step by step guide on content that needs to be included on each page of iBook.