Lesson Plan

Create an Endless Runner with GameSalad

Create an endless runner style game that uses GameSalad databases to support multiple characters. Edit character stats in GameSalad database spreadsheet table. Publish games with appropriate metadata.
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My Grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to...

  • modify non-alphanumeric data in a database
  • explain what metadata is and how it is used
  • link data between spreadsheets and other applications
Grades 9 – 12
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Get students thinking about the quantity & variety of data used in popular games with the warm up question included in the student instructions.

Pose via Google Form so you can see results as they come in and pose follow-up questions and steer class discussion accordingly.


Student Instructions

How many different unique traits / characteristics are used to describe your favorite video game character? List as many as you can think of!


Activity: Conversing

Define the vocabulary terms:

  • data
  • non-alphanumeric
  • metadata

Ask students to think-pair-share and come up with a real-world example for each type of data.

Student Instructions

Think about a real-world example from an app, game, or program you use regularly of the following:

  • data (general)
  • non-alphanumeric data
  • metadata

When finished, share your ideas with a partner next to you. Be prepared to discuss examples as a class.


Have students open the endless runner template (basic game template with 1 character, basic controls). 

Identify existing metadata in the template.

Walk students through the process of modifying the existing data in the Character database & adding new characters.

Student Instructions

Customize you game's metadata to reflect what your final product will contain (title, description, platforms, etc.)

Modify the stats for the default main character.



Ask students to practice what they've learned by adding 2 more characters to the game & adding to the existing metadata to prepare their game for publishing.

Student Instructions

Add 2 additional characters that players can choose from on the game's title screen.

Add metadata required for publishing your game.


Create a Question in Google Classroom for students to respond to upon completing their game. Ask them to share the types of metadata & non-alphanumeric data they added to make their game unique. Encourage them to read through other responses and comment on other ideas they think are innovative, might be able to be adapted for their version of the game, etc.

Student Instructions

Answer the following Question in Google Classroom. 

  • What types of metadata did you use to describe your game?
  • What types of non-alphanumeric data did you include to build your Character database?

Read through the responses of other students. Comment on at least one other post that you think is especially creative, has ideas you could apply to your own game, etc.

Thoughtful answers written in complete sentences are required for full credit.