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Create a Research Presentation

Students will learn to digitally synthesize research on human rights violations
Eric W.
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West Ottawa High School Campus
Holland, United States
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My Grades 11, 12
My Subjects English Language Arts

Students will be able to...

  • Research Human Rights violations.
  • Collect, Organize, Summarize, and Synthesize information.
  • Combine research in a digital form that is interesting to their audience.
  • Evaluate the research collected by their peers. 
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 10 – 12
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1 Anticipatory Set

Ask how man students have jobs, when they started working, and how dangerous their jobs are.

Show students the video at the top of this page. After students have watched the video, ask them to reflect on why children shouldn't have to mine for Mica.

Next, watch the second video (about Ghana). Have students discuss if/why this video is more effective than the one about India.

2 Direct Instruction

Discuss the origins of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Show the background video and give students a copy/link to the document. 

(See student instructions)

After students have discussed and shared their interpretations of the human rights, check for understanding. Create examples of the human rights being enjoyed/denied with multiple choice answers corresponding to rights. Use plickers to assess students understanding of the rights.

Student Instructions

After being introduced to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, each student should be assigned one of the rights. He/she should explain what the right means and explain how he/she enjoys this right. If possible, students should try to explain one way this right might be/have been denied to someone else.

3 Direct Instruction (part two)

Explore humanrightswatch.org with students. Discuss articles on there (or in Newsela or rewordify if you want to adapt to various reading levels) using Socratic Dialogue or whatever  discussion model you prefer.

Have students identify violations of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights with examples from the articles.

Help students identify things that made the sites more effective. Refer back to the two videos from Made in a Free World. Discuss images, captions, links, graphs, etc.

4 Independent Practice

Have students choose a particular right or a particular geographic region to research on humanrightswatch.org. Their task will be to collect research (maybe store it on Zotero) on the violations and consider what can/should be done.

5 Independent Practice: Multimedia Presentation

Free, Free to try, Paid
Free, Paid

Students will synthesize their research to educate their peers on the issue. They should create a podcast or TED Talk or digital story or website for this purpose. Students might need help with these digital tools.

This is the assignment sheet/rubric I use.

6 Closure

Students will upload their project to Google Classroom. They will be required to view and comment on at least two of their peers' work.

Make sure to teach students the expectation for comments. 

Encourage students to tweet out their work to educate others, too.