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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Create a Public Service Announcement

Student engagement through public persuation
Clayton S.
Cambria Heights Academy
Queens, United States
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Students will be able to...

Develop persuasive material for public advocacy.


Social Studies
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Hook

Free, Paid

Find an appropriate student generated PSA such as: https://youtu.be/PR7BCsuIWjk

Play it for the class with the lens of "What grabs you from this video" "What do you take away from it?"

Student Instructions

Direct students to consider what grabbed their attention. Think - Pair- Share

2 Direct instruction

Create a step-by-step check list on the process for creating a PSA

Brainstom Ideas

Select one

Do research

Consider the audience

Write a script


Make a production plan and shot list

Film the PSA

Edit the PSA

Post the PSA



Student Instructions

Gather from students a list of things they may think they need to do to create a PSA. 

Share the Keep template.

Add to the document base on what students have said.

Walk through with students.

3 Guided Practice

Take students through the process on a PSA of their choosing as a class.

Use google scholar to do research.

Use google docs to create a script.

Use Google Slides and Drawing to make a storyboard

Student Instructions

Students provide information based on teacher prompts from the check list.

4 Individual Practice

Give students the tools to edit such as youtube editor or iMovie.

Student Instructions

Work in small groups to complete a PSA

5 Wrap-up

Free, Paid
Google Drive
Free, Paid

Present student's final PSA's 

Use Google forms to make a commenting system. Students will give feedback in a form. Using Autocrat add-on the form results can be pushed to a document for student delivery.

Student Instructions

Fill out the google form for each presentation.