Lesson Plan

Create a Graphic Novel from your Favorite Book

Please note this is a multi-session workshop
Danielle W.
Children's Librarian- Queens Library @ Long Island City Community Library
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  • Students will read a  fictional story that is within the realm of their reading level.

  • Students will create a Plot Diagram based on their story.

  • Students will create the background and characters to act out their story.

  • Students will use storyboard that to create a Graphic Representation based on the plot of their story.

English Language Arts
English Language Learning
Grades 3
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1 Hook

Prezi Classic
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Teacher will grasp students attention by presenting "What is a Graphic Novel"?

Student Instructions
  1. Listen and take notes, ask questions.
  2. Think about how the story they selected could transform into a comic book.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Exploring
  1. Teacher introduces the Term  "Storyboarding" to students.
  2. Teacher shares 2 or 3 examples of a Plot Diagram located on Storyboardthat.com.
  3. Distribute Plot Diagram to students.
  4. Distribute Storyboard template to students.


Plot Diagram Template

Storyboard Template


Student Instructions
  1. Students will review the provided Plot Diagram Template and reflect on what happened in the beginning, middle and ending of their story, what were some of the character problems and what was the outcome? How did the issue get resolved?
  2. Students will take the information they completed from the Plot Diagram and begin to complete the Storyboard Template.

3 Guided Practice

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Teacher will walk around the room answering questions and guiding students on transferring their paper storyboard to the storyboardthat tool.

Student Instructions
  1. Students will log on to www.storyboardthat.com
  2. Students will create a Plot Diagram Storyboard based on the paper template that was completed earlier.

4 Wrap-Up

Activity: Assessing

Ask students three new things they learned during this lesson.

Student Instructions

Have students complete the program exit ticket.