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Create a Body Systems Book!

Creating Childrens Books for
David L.
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to understand how each body system functions and what drugs and diseases effect that body system.

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1 Hook: Understanding the Setup of a Childrens Book

Activity: Reading

The teacher picks a Magic School Bus Book and Reads it To her student. They make sure to stress the structure and format of the book as they go.

Student Instructions

Students listen to the reading of the Magic School bus text, and they pay close attention to the structure of the book.

2 Direct Instruction: Explaining the Requirements of the Book Project

Activity: Conversing

The teacher has a conversation with her students about what makes up a good children's  book and assigns them systems of the human body as well as chapters

Student Instructions

Students start brainstorming structures of their children's book as a group to ensure continuity. They then decide on who is doing what chapter.

3 Guided Practice

Free, Paid

Teacher lets students work on their collaborative project while guiding them through it and answering questions as they go.

When students are finished with chapters of the book, the teacher gets them and uploads them into the Apple Ibooks Author. Once the book is complete, the teacher uploads the book to the Ibooks store

Student Instructions

Students work on the two parts of their project in collaborative groups.

One part of the student team uses Pages to write the chapter of their children's book focusing on both the human body system assigned and the disease that can effect it. They  focus on short text and lots of graphics for their book

The second part has students create an infographic on a drug and how it affects the body in keynote using the shapes within the program. When they are finished they save the slide as an image and then they add it to thinglink. From Thinglink they can then make the graphic interactive by using the Thinglink markers.

4 Indepedent Practice

Google Drive
Free, Paid

The teacher creates a shared Google Form with evaluative project questions. The teacher then shares this form to her students

Student Instructions

Students download the class book on their device, and then they complete the evaluation form for every chapter but their own in order to provide authentic feedback

5 Wrap Up:Visiting the Elementary school

Activity: Presenting

The teacher sets up an opportunity for her students to go to the elementary school, and present the books to classes. 

The teacher then gets all the necessary paper work, leads them there, and directs students to read the book and have a discussion based on pre-defined topics.

Student Instructions

The students read their text to their elementary groups and have discussions based on the predefined teacher topics.