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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Craft Your Community's History

Students will research local historical landmarks and create a virtual museum via Minecraft
Rafranz D.
School district administrator
Lufkin ISD
Lufkin, United States
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My Subjects Math

Students will be able to...create historical landmarks to scale and explain their significance in the local, state or global community. 

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Engage

The teacher will contact local chamber of commerce or historical commission/society to speak to students about the significance of historical markers and about certain sites within the community.

A pre-idea would also be to capture video, images or utilize whatwasthere.com to display for kids if image content is available on the site. 

Generally, it has been found that kids are often unfamiliar with their local community. The purpose of this lesson is to change that.

Student Instructions

Listen to presentation from historical speaker and develop questions to help guide research. 

What areas interest you? Why? What else do you need to know about it?

With a team, choose a historical marker of interest and conduct face to face, virtual or media rich research in order to develop a model of that location within minecraft. 

What will you share? Why is this area important? What can you share beyond the building itself?

2 Explore

Instruct kids to research areas of interest. What details are necessary to recreate details within minecraft?

If kids are able to visit sites, great!  If not, have plenty of pictures and/or video on hand so that students will have visual references to the actual buildings/centers that they are creating. 

Student Instructions

Develop history beyond just building. Who lived/worked/created it? How can their histories be told through minecraft too?

Gather resources that will allow you to create a fully immersive virtual display that share the stories of your community.

3 Explain/Elaborate

Provide time for kids to research, collaborate and create  as much as possible in class. 

Develop a rubric WITH students and provide rubric to students. 


Student Instructions

Each display must be as proportionally accurate as possible. Be able to mathematically explain how you determined this. In addition to minecraft recreations, studens should create a presentation and video to be shared via classroom blogging tool that details information about selected historical landmarks. 

4 Evaluate

Activity: Presenting

Students will present their virtual historical landmarks to community leaders, parents, other students and invited guest. Each group will present their learning and presentations/videos will be displayed.