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Couplets - Just Two

How to write creative, expressive couplets
Karen C.
Adult and Community Ed Administrator
Universit of Missouri, St. Louis
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Students will be able to...

  • recognize rhyming words)
  • tell a story in sequential order
  • compose a poem following the couplet form and structure
English Language Arts
Grades 1 – 3
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Review rhyming words.  Use Corkulous (virtual cork board using iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) to think of a poetry topic.  Then collectively pair rhyming words that connect to the chosen topic.  Summer


Introduce the structure of a couplet by putting examples on the board.:

Practice topic:  Summer

Summer is filled with very hot days

We got wet in all sorts of ways

When the ice cream truck whistled down the street

We hurried toward the sound to get the delicious treat

Days so hot made us jump into the pool

Swimming all day made our bodies perfectly cool


Ask students do they see another word inside of couplet (couple).  Explain that couple means two and the word couplet comes from the word couple meaning two.  Two rhyming lines make a couplet.  A couplet poem can be just two lines long or it can be a hundred lines long.   Also tell them the lines do not have to be complete sentences.

Have students watch the following YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icQC84NUM00


Activity: Creating

Divide class into 4 groups.  Tell students they will create a couplet poem about summer in each group that is at least 10 lines long.  (Remind them they cannot use the practice lines above.) Suggest that they may use www.rhymezone.com on their iPads if they get stuck finding a rhyming word that makes sense in their poetry story.  Groups will pick a reader to share their poem with the class. Poems will be read aloud and shared with class.  Other groups will be allowed to give input about each groups’ poem.


Activity: Creating

Using www.superteacherworksheets.com, give each student a worksheet to create individual couplet poems using the couplet template.  Remind them that they may use rhymezone if they get stuck on a rhyme and encourage them to be creative.  After writing the poem on the worksheet have them to type their poem on their iPads and save them.


Activity: Exploring

For homework have students go on line to find a couplet poem, print it, and bring it to class to share.             

In class the next day ask students to create a 4 to 6 line couplet about anything they choose.