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Countries vs Continents

Learn the differences
Jana O.
Speech - Language Pathologist
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Students will be able to tell the differences between continents, countries, states and cities.

Social Studies
Grades 4
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1 Hook - How to remember continents

students will draw a picture of the world and lable what they already know.

Student Instructions

draw a picture of the world as you see it, lable the parts you know.

2 Direct Instructions

Activity: Exploring

 Show the students the globe, give them sticky arrows to label the continents, then their states, states or countries they have traveled to and the oceans.

Check over together


Student Instructions

- place the sticky arrows on the correct places on the globe

3 Independent Practise

Interactive game involving continents.

Student Instructions

Follow the directions of the game

4 Wrap Up

Activity: Exploring

Provide globe and 2 dimensional map with sticky arrows and have the student's label continents, countries, states, cities.

Student Instructions

- Students place sticky arrows.

5 Assessment

Activity: Assessing

Give student a world map have them place 7 continents and 5 countries, then give them a map of the USA - have them label 10 states and 5 major cities.




Student Instructions

Students label what is requested.