Lesson Plan

Counting to tell the number of objects.

Student will build a relationship between numbers and quantities, connect counting to cardinality.
Jaclyn J.
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Students will be able to...use objects to represent and count the quantities, student will count to answer how many.  Students will understand the relationship between numbers and quantities.

Grades Pre-K – K
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1 The Hook

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will introduce lesson during morning circle time.  Teacher will have dialogue with students about the relationship between number and quantities followed by stories (Ten black dots, The door bell rang)

Student Instructions

Students engage in conversation with teacher about knowledge of numbers and quantities

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Exploring

Teacher place large number with the holes and pegs on each group tables, 

Student Instructions

Students work in groups to put the correct number of pegs to match the number.  

3 Guided Pratice

Activity: Assessing

Teacher will provide each student with a number book.  Each page will contain a number beginning with 0 ending with 10.  Teacher will allow student to use stickers, buttons.beans ect to complete number books.

Student Instructions

Students are to use materials provided to match objects with the correct number on each page of their number book.

4 Independent

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Teacher takes class to compute lab

Student Instructions

Student's work independently in the computer lab