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Counting Coins Lesson Plan

In this activity, children will use coins to show an amount of money in different ways. This lesson plan is focused for a 1:1 iPad Classroom.
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Students will be able to identify the value of combinations of nickels, pennies and dimes.  

Students will be able to recognize that specific coins have unique values, sizes and colors.  

Students will be able to navigate and use an iPad throughout the lesson.  

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1 Hook/ Attention Getter

Teacher will play video about counting coins.  Teacher will play an active role in asking questions throughout the video. 

2 Direct Instruction

Teacher will have already pre-created the lesson of identifying the penny and nickel.  Educreation lesson will have real pictures of a penny and nickel and will walk students through how to recognize the difference in both.  This portion, as well as the remaining parts of the lesson with be completed by students using 1:1 iPads in the classroom.

During this Educreation lesson, teacher will also show how to count different combinations using pennies and nickels.  


Student Instructions

Students will log into their Schoology account and look for the teacher created Educreation.  Students will watch the educreation on their ipad.  Students will put on their headphones and listen to the lesson at their own pace.  

3 Guided Practice

Teacher will have the curriculum math lesson on Schoology as a PDF.  Teacher will have pre-determined math partners for students.  Teacher will actively be participating in conversation while students work together on their guided practice section.  

Teacher will instruct students to go back to their seats when they have completed the guided practice section.  

Student Instructions

Students will log into Schoology to get their assigned curriculum math work.  Students will upload their math work into Notability so they can write on it.  Students will work together with partners to complete the Guided Practice Section of their work.  Students will 'turn in' their work through schoology when completed.  

4 Independent Work

Teacher will instruct students to complete the independent section of their curriculum math at their desks using Notabilty.  Teacher will be MBWA (monitor by walking around).  Students will get work checked after they have completed this section.  

Student Instructions

Student will complete work at desk using their iPad. Students will work on Notability to complete work and turn in by using Schoology.  

5 Quick Check

Free, Paid

Teacher will have the Nearpod code written on the board so the students can login and complete the quiz.  This will allow a quick formative to let the teacher know they understood the concept.  

Student Instructions

After students have completed their independent work, students will log into Nearpod for a Formative Quiz.  

6 Wrap Up

Splash Math
Free, Paid

Teacher will instruct students to play on Splash Math: Counting Coins.  

Student Instructions

Students will play on Splash Math Counting Money to play a game on counting money.