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Count that Money Honey

Students will identify and count coins
Nichole E.
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Students will be able to identify and count coins

Grades 1 – 2
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1 Hook

Activity: Reading

Read Deena's Lucky Penny (Math matters Series):  In Deena's Lucky Penny, the focus is on money: identifying pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters; recognizing equivalencies (eg. five pennies = one nickel; two nickels = one dime; and so on, up to four quarters = one dollar). Deena's mom's birthday is coming and Deena has no money to buy a present for her. She finds a "lucky" penny and through the help of neighbors and family, she trades up until her penny gradually becomes a dollar. Now Deena can afford a gift for mom. 

Student Instructions

Listen to the story and answer questions as asked.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Exploring

This site will allow students to learn the coins, their values, how to write their worth, then move on to count coins at their pace.

Student Instructions

Go to www.abcya.com/learning-coins.htm, follow the lesson at your pace, then complete the activity.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Creating

Students will go to www.hbschool.com/activity/counting_money (in groups of 3) to count collections of coins. This site will let students know immediately if their count is accurate, high, or low and give them a chance to correct. They will then work collaboratively to show $0.86 in different ways. Students may choose any app or combination of apps to show their coin collections (must include at least 3 photographs or 1 video with 3 collections of coins).

Student Instructions
  1. visit web page with your small group to count collections of coins
  2. work as a team to determine multiple ways to make $0.86. 
  3. choose at least 2 apps to smash to show your collections of coins.  You must include at least 3 pictures OR 1 video of 3 collections of coins in addition to words.

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Assessing

This site will allow students lots of independent practice.  If you have free accounts you will have to monitor or have students screen shot score of 80% accuracy after a minumum of 10 questions.

Student Instructions

go to the site www.ixl.com/math/grade-2/count-money-up-to-1-dollar  answer a minimum of 10 questions.  You must have a score of at least 80% to show mastery.

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Drawing

To apply learning at home (or in class)

Students will count a random collection of coins, draw/represent in words, and record total amount

Student Instructions
  1. get a random selection of coins (maybe from your parent's pocket)
  2. count the coins, record total
  3. draw the coins you counted