Lesson Plan

Copyright Guidelines for Educational Multimedia

Utilize Kahoot! to assess students' learning about how to properly use copyrighted works in educational multimedia presentations.
Kimberly R.
Media specialist/librarian
Greater Latrobe Senior High School
Latrobe, United States
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Students will be able to...summarize the guidelines for using copyrighted products in educational multimedia presentations.

English Language Arts
Grades 10 – 12
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1 Anticipatory Set

Activity: Other — Watch copyright video from Common Sense Media's "Copyrights and Wrongs"

Introduce the topic of the video. Inform students that after watching the video, they will have to share something they learned.

After showing the video, ask students to share 1 idea they learned in the video.

2 Lesson Content

Activity: Other — Direct Instruction

Explain the various components of abiding by the guidelines for fair use with educational multimedia presentations, including the fair use limits, citation requirements, etc.

Next, have students use their devices to explore recommended sources of multimedia, including resources with a Creative Commons license or that are in the public domain.

3 Closure

Free, Paid

Begin Kahoot! quiz with students. Employ ghost feature to add competitive interest.