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Computer Basics

What are the basic parts of a computer?
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Students will be able to define hardware and identify the basic parts of a computer. 

Students will begin to learn the difference between hardware and software.

Grades 5 – 6
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1 Hook - Do Now

Note: Teacher should have procedures in place for distributing laptops/ipads. Bookbags should be removed from walking areas to avoid accidents. Monitors should be assigned to distribute and collect laptops/ipads. I like to use the random name picker from classtools.net to assign monitors and change them every marking period.

Create a Wordle using the word Computer parts, create a tinyurl and write it on the board. Write or project the following: 

Do Now: What are some parts of a computer you know, list them.

Give students 5-8 minutes to finish this task. You can use the classtools.net timer to keep track of time. Don't worry that some students may have many more items than other students or that some students feel that haven't finished.

Student Instructions

Go to tinyurl link and write your list

2 Direct Instruction

Discuss with students which items on the list are parts of a computer. Use classtools.net random name picker to randomly select students to share what they wrote and why they wrote it.

Define Hardware: physical parts of the computer (Can touch) and Software: logical parts of the computer (Can't touch).

Create a tinyurl for a padlet link that you've created and ask students to define in their own words what is a computer?

After giving students 5-8 minutes to answer the question, show students the video What is a computer from the GCF Learnfree website. Use the timer from classtools.net to keep students on time.

Student Instructions

What did you write and why did your write it?

Go to the tinyurl link and in your own words define what is a computer.

3 Guided Practice

Have students turn and talk to their neighbor about their definition of a computer, was their definition correct, did they learn something new or were any concepts clarified after the video. Give 3-5 minutes based on the discussions.

Use classtools.net random name picker to have a couple of students share their discussions.

Show the basic computer parts video from GCF at: http://www.gcflearnfree.org/computerbasics/5. Have students list the basic parts with their neighbor.

Student Instructions

Turn and talk to your neighbor, ask each other the following questions:

Was your definition of a computer correct?

Did you learn something new?

Was there something that you weren't clear about before that you now understand better after watching the video?

With your partner, list the basic parts of the computer.

4 Independent Practice

Have students go  to: http://www.gcflearnfree.org/computerbasics/5.5and answer the Challenge! questions on Collaborize Classroom.

*As an option you can create your own questions and post them directly to Collaborize Classroom. 

Since Collaborize Classroom is web based, the activity may be assigned for homework. 

Student Instructions

Go to: http://www.gcflearnfree.org/computerbasics/5.5 and answer the Challenge! questions.

Write your responses on  the class Collaborize Classroom site.

5 Wrapup

Activity: Assessing

Create a tinyurl for the padlet. Have students write their name, Have students name 3 basic parts of a computer and describe one of them.

*You can also use post-it notes and do the same activity as an exit ticket

Student Instructions

Open the tinyurl ink.

Write your name. Name 3 basic parts of a computer and describe one of them.