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Comparing Numbers Using Greater Than

Students will be able to use terminology and symbols to compare numbers.
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Students will be able to...

compare numbers using the correct terminology.

compare numbers using the correct symbols.

build numbers using manipulative base ten blocks.

compare the numbers they built with correct terminology and symbols.

differentiate between the symbols greater and equal to.

Grades K – 2
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1 Hook

*Students will watch a video on comparing numbers.

* Launch the app on an iPad BrainPopJr movie of the week or go to the website on a computer. (http://www.brainpopjr.com/math/numbersense/comparingnumbers/preview.weml)

* Log in with a paid user name. If you do not have a paid user name you could easily skip this step or use the YouTube movie titled Number Eating Alligator Song. It is not as cute, but it will work. It can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPaU4VKkYF8

* It helps to project the movie using a projector.

* After watching, discuss briefly focusing on what the alligator eats and which number is bigger.


2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

Students will gather at the carpet area facing the easel.  They will be shown a construction paper alligator with the mouth open to the left side.  Here we will discuss the name of the alligator (Allie) and how she only eats bigger numbers.  Students will watch as the teacher writes two sets of numbers on the board and the gator "eats" the bigger number.  (I erase the bigger number as the alligator passes over it to simulate it eating the number.)  

Repeat this step with students giving numbers and telling the alligator which number to eat.  I have the students shout out "Eat the _(number here)_____ Allie!"

After the students have a general idea of which number the alligator eats, they will head to their seats for the iPad activity.

3 Independent Practice

* Use the Greater Gator app on an iPad.

* Students will participate in this game for a few minutes to practice choosing the greater number, or identifying that the two numbers are equal. 

* Students can go through the levels as far as they can go in the time allotted.

* Students "cut" the rope by tapping or swiping the rope of the greater number causing it to drop it into the water.  Then the alligator will eat the number. 

* It counts correct problems and then when one is incorrect it resets the count to keep them at the same level.  When 4 are correct in a row and the 5th one is wrong it resets to 1 correct. When there are 5 correct and the 6th one is wrong, it resets to 2 correct, and so on. 

* After 12 problems are correct there is a feeding frenzy.  They will tap the greatest number fish for the alligator to eat until they are all eaten.  This basically will have them count backwards from a given number.

* The next round will begin and the numbers will get increasingly harder. 

* When the students have shown sufficient knowledge with greater numbers, have them exit the app and open the next app... Number Pieces Basic

4 Guided Practice


* Assign partners and make sure they are sitting next to each other.

* Give each pair a gator made of construction paper or a card with a greater than symbol drawn on it.

* Give a number to each student to show on their iPads using the base ten blocks in the app, or the base ten block manipulatives at their desk. (To use the base ten blocks in the app, all they need to do is drag them to the workspace.)

* Give a number to their partner to show on their iPad/with base ten blocks. (I make sure that the student on the left has the greater number so that we can read it as a greater than sentence.)

* Have the students place the gator/symbol card in between the numbers.

* Read the number sentence as a class _____ is greater than ________.

* To delete the blocks off the app they can circle them with their finger to highlight all the blocks and then tap the trash can. They can also tap the two circling arrows that make the refresh button on the lower left hand corner of the screen and then tap yes.

*Repeat with various numbers until you feel they have a good beginning grasp of the concept.

5 Wrap Up

Free, Paid

For this step, the students will need to launch the website Padlet and hook into a pre-created bulletin board.  To do this, is to go to the website https://padlet.com/auth/login and create a username.  Then start a  new bulletin board by clicking: create a new padlet.  Next, you can customize the padlet on the right sidebar with different backgrounds if you choose to. By Clicking on the gear in the lower right hand corner, the side bar opens with options to customize it.

* Click on the share sheet in the middle of the right sidebar.  It will give you options to have the kids hook into your bulletin board.  I find it easiest to have them use the QR reader to scan the QR Code.  This then takes them directly to your padlet.

* Once they are hooked into your padlet, they can double tap on the padlet anywhere and type a greater than sentence.  

* I will have the title square pre-made that has their sentence starter with blanks for the numbers.    _____ is greater than _____.

* I have the padlet projected on the screen so I can move responses around by tapping once and moving them if they end up on top of each other.

* Students use the sentence starter to plug their own numbers into their own post on the padlet.

* We can then read the greater than sentences together and check them by reading them as is, or you can tap on them and then scroll through them one by one.

* Students can put their names on their square, or not, that is totally up to you.

* This has now become your exit ticket.