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Comparing fractions with unlike denominators

Comparing fractions can be easy and fun! 1:1 ipad lesson
Ashley M.
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Students will be able to compare fractions with unlike denominators

Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook

Activity: Exploring

I will start by telling my students that I ate 1/2 of the pizza I ordered at a restaurant last night and my friend ate 5/8 of the pizza that she ordered.  I will write both of these fractions on the board. 

I will then ask my students if I ate more pizza or if my friend did. 

This will allow for discussion and can quickly pre-assess what the class already knows. 


2 Direct Instruction

I will model how to use manipulatives to compare fractions with unlike denominators. 

I will discuss how using benchmark fractions can also help them when comparing fraction.  

I will show them a few examples:

3/4     3/7

5/6     6/7

I will also show students how using a fraction mat can help them.  I will give each student one of these mats for them to use with their dry-earse marker. 

3 Guided Practice

Students will practice comparing fractions using the Virtual Manipulatives app

I will gave students use the guided practice problems in their math book

I will also have students practice with their fraction mats as well. 


4 Independent Practice

IXL - Math and English
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Students will use IXL Math for independent practice.  The IXL strand that students will be working on is Q.16. 

Students may use their fraction mat to help if needed. 


5 Wrap-Up

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We will play a comparing fractions Kahoot! game as a wrap-up to this lesson.