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Compare and Contrast Characters

Learning to tell what story characters have in common
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Students will be able to apply knowledge of characterization by

  • describing a character’s attributes (traits, motivations or feelings);
  • using evidence from the text to support generalizations about the character;
  • comparing and contrasting characters within a selection or between/among two or more selections; and
  • explaining how the actions of characters contribute to the sequence of events.

Virginia SOL 3.5d

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 4
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1 Hook

Student will discuss fairy tale villians and traits they have in common.  This will activate prior knowledge and set the stage for identification of character traits in the story used in this lesson. Using the descriptors that students suggest, the class will make a Wordle on character traits of villians.

2 Direct Instruction

Using the character video, the teacher will introduce the concept of "story character".  Students will learn what a character trait is and how different attributes help to identify a story character.  

3 Guided Practice

Using the Read Write Think Venn Diagram app (or the Venn Diagram interactive on the Read Write Think website) the teacher will guide the class in a trait comparison of two of the villians that students mentioned during the "hook" portion of the lesson.  Alternatively, the teacher can choose two fairy tale villians (ie. The stepmother in Cinderella and Rumplestiltskin)  The teacher may choose to prompt students to use descriptors they cam up with during the "hook" portion of the lesson.

4 Independent Practice

Using the Read Write Think Venn Diagram app (or the Venn Diagram interactive on the Read Write Think website)  the student will compare two fairy tale characters (ie. Cinderella and her stepsisters). Students can take a screen shot of their finished Venn Diagram to submit in Edmodo and use in the Wrap-up portion of the lesson.

5 Wrap-Up

Using Educreations (either the app or the website version) the student will create a lesson explaining the comprison of two characters using the screen shot from independent practice as a visual to include in the presentation.