Lesson Plan

Community helpers come alive

Students create pictures of community helpers, using the camera app on their iPad students record a video of them explaining why this community helper is important. Then using the app Aurasma, students make their printed picture come alive.
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My Grades 1, 2, 3, 5
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Students will be able to...draw a community helper using the Drawing Pad app.

Students will be able to.....verbally describe why the community helper is important using the camera app.

Social Studies
Grades 1 – 2
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1 Learning about Community Helpers

Students learn about different types of community helpers, this normally done in Social Studies.

Student Instructions

This app is a greet resources for students to use for extra support in learning about community helpers.

2 Write your script

Activity: Drawing

Ask students to pick a community help they feel is important and have them draw a picture of this person.  This can be done on the iPad or on paper.

When done make sure to either take a screen shot of the student's work or take a picture of the drawing with the iPad. If on the iPad, make sure to print the pictures before creating your Aurasma.

Student Instructions

Please think about a community help who you think is important. Using the drawing app, draw a picture of this person in their work setting using the Drawing Pad App.  Make sure to take a screen shot when you are done and email it to your teacher.

3 Recording

Activity: Presenting

Students write out their script for when they will record them selves.  Prompt to use "I think (community helper's name) are important part of our community because...)"

Example: "I think Fireman are an important part of our community because they put out fires and help keep us safe."

Expand as much as you want depending on your students.

Student Instructions

On a piece of paper please write the following sentence and fill in the needed information:

"I think __________________________ are an important part of our community because ________________________________________."

4 Recording

Activity: Broadcasting

Using the camera app on the iPad, students record a video of them selves reading the sentence they wrote.

Student Instructions

1. Find a friend that will help you record.

2. Your friend will hold your paper with your community helper sentence on it next to your iPad.

3. Record a video (no more then 10 seconds) of you reading your sentence explaining why you choose your community helper.

4. Make sure to speak clearly, re-record as many times as  you need to, make sure to delete the videos you are not going to use.

5. Once you have a recording that you are happy with, help your friend the way they helped you.

5 Aurasma

Before class create a school account on Aurasma (free).  All students need to logged into Aurasma, if your students are able they can do this them selves.

Student Instructions

1. Open the Aurasma app.

2. Click "Allow" on the pop-up asking if Aurasma 

3. Click "Login"

4. Type in the user name that is on the board.

5. Type in the password that is on the board.

6. Click "Skip

7. Click "Allow" on the pop up asking if Aurasma can use your camera.

8. Click the + sign in the top right hand corner.

9. Hold the iPad STRAIGHT above your picture of your community helper that your drew.

10. Make sure the white dot is in the green bar when you take your picture.

11. Click Device.

12. Click Upload -> Photo Album, tap on your video.

13. Watch the video to and answer these questions:

Can I clearly hear myself?

Can I clearly understand my words?

If the answers to both are yes, click Use, if the answer is no, record your video again.

14. Name your overlay "yourname-helper".

15. Click Done.

16. Make sure video is rotated the correct way then click "Next."

17. Name your Aurasma "yourname-helper".

18. Click Submit.


6 Interactive Walking gallery

Activity: Presenting

Hang the student's printed pictures of their community helpers on a wall, allows students to walk around with their iPads, using the Aurasma app to view their peer's work.

Student Instructions

1. Make sure you are holding your iPad with 2 hands.

2. Open Aurasma.

3. Click the purple circle on bottom.

4. Place the dancing dots above a picture, watch the whole video before moving on to the next one.