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Come to the Credit for Life Fair!

The Hook: Students will prepare for the Credit for Life Fair by accessing a You Tube video of an actual Fair. They will then use Google Docs to create a budget, and complete a survey to determine their interests
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Access this You Tube Video of an actual Credit For Life Fair held at Barnstable High School. After viewing the video, there is no doubt that you will want to attend the upcoming Credit For Life Fair at BHS on November 21st, 2014.

Students will learn what their strengths and interests are by completing an online self assessment. This will guide them to a career that fits their profile. Once they have chosen a career they will research projected incomes and create a hypothetical budget based on their lifestyle. They will access a template (spreadsheet) in Google Docs and complete with their anticipated income and expenses. The template has been shared with them in Google Docs. They will complete the spreadsheet and share with the class. After attending the Credit for Life Fair, the students will compare their original budget with the one completed at the Fair. This lesson will show the students how well prepared they are for life after high school and/or college.


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1 Guided Practice: Complete a Self Assessment

Activity: Other — Assessment

By completing this free Self Assessment, you will learn what your interests, strengths and weaknesses are. The results of this assessment will guide you to a career path which fits your profile. The assessment will only take about 3 minutes to complete.


2 Guided practice: Access glassdoor and other websites/apps to research careers

Activity: Investigating

You will now research the projected income for the career that fits your profile. Access multiple websites and apps to conduct research on careers. The link to glassdoor (below) is an example of an app used to conduct this research. 

Access glassdoor at:  www.glassdoor.com/


1. Salaries

2. Enter Job Title

3. Location

3 Create a Budget - guided practice

Activity: Creating

Students will access and complete the "sample" Budget Spreadsheet in Google Docs. By completing this spreadsheet the students will practice preparing a budget based on their projected income and anticipated lifestyle. The students will compare this spreadsheet to the spreadsheet completed at the Credit for Life Fair to determine how well they are prepared for life after high school and college.